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From a Termite Inspection to Complete Termite Control

Harvey Pest Management offers fast & affordable pest control services in Middleburg, Macclenny, Glen Saint Mary & Lakeside FL

Termites can quickly take over your property and cause structural damage. It's important to locate termites and remove them before the damage gets worse. Harvey Pest Management offers termite control services in Middleburg, Macclenny, Glen Saint Mary & Lakeside FL. Don't let termites destroy your home or office-schedule a termite inspection today.

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Get a thorough termite inspection

When you work with Harvey Pest Management, you can expect superior service. We'll inspect every area of your property to get the full picture of your pest infestation. After your termite inspection, you'll get a thorough report. We'll tell you:

  • Which type of termites are on your property
  • Which areas of your property are affected
  • Which form of treatment will work best

We'll suggest a termite control treatment option that will rid your property of termites once and for all. We also offer preventive termite control maintenance plans. We'll treat your home every 60 days to ensure that the termites don't return. Call us today to get started with a full termite inspection in Middleburg, Lakeside, Macclenny & Glen Saint Mary, FL.