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Protect Your Property From Flying Termites

Call Harvey Pest Management in Middleburg, Macclenny, Glen Saint Mary & Lakeside FL

Termites are one of the biggest threats to your property. Working silently and invisibly, flying termites are responsible for creating termite colonies that cause irreversible structural damage if left untreated.

Harvey Pest Management provides effective flying termite control services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Middleburg, FL. Our qualified technicians will:

  • Inspect your property
  • Determine a customized treatment plan
  • Exterminate the infestation
  • Prevent further termite damage

Call 904-653-7378 to schedule flying termite control services at your Middleburg, Macclenny, Glen Saint Mary & Lakeside FL property.

Learn to identify flying termites

Flying termites, also known as swarmers, are a little easier to spot than the traditional working termites you may be used to. These darker-colored termites with wings are typically larger then working termites. And like most winged insects, flying termites are attracted to light.

If you've noticed flying termites around your home or office, don't hesitate to call Harvey Pest Management for prompt flying termite control services in Middleburg, Lakeside, Macclenny & Glen Saint Mary, FL.